What do you think of this bag?

  1. if you like it BIN NOW b/c at this good price it will be gone so quick! its beautiful and authentic... me thinks.
  2. Nice!!! I've been perusing eBay all morning and didn't see this one - DARN! Go for it!!!
  3. WOW .... CONGRATS becca ....:flowers: !!! GORGEOUS bag and beautiful color - ENJOY it :love:
  4. yay! i just saw it on eBay when i woke up. great choice and congrats!
  5. Congrats! You got a great price!
  6. Yay :roflmfao: ... you got a great bag at a good price! CONGRATS!!!
  7. Thank you!!! I have been wanting to add another Twiggy to the B-Bag family. :love:

    This helps offset the dissapointment over my broken Day bag!
  8. Congrats Becca! Was considering this myself. It's a great deal, glad you got it!:amuse:
  9. Congrats, Becca! It's authentic at a wonderful price!
  10. Congrats! Yay! I saw that, too, almost bought it myself! I'm happy it went to a fellow PFer! It's beautiful and a great price! :smile:
  11. ooo I likes it!! grrr~~~~:yes:
  12. Congrats! Is it sky blue?
  13. Great bag, gorgeous color!! Congrats!
  14. Congrats, Becca! Beautiful bag - I love the color!
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