What do you think of this bag? :)

  1. was just wondering what you girls think about this bag?


    it has a white/blue/red signature web strap which isn't seen here in the pic.. up until now, ive only had beige/ebony monogram so any opinions on the blue one? is it nice? anyone with a pic carrying it? i love that the leather trim is white.:yes:
  2. its okay. have u seen it in person? the blue looks weird.
    Saks has it cheaper by $100.00 :smile:
  3. nope haven't seen it! why does it look weird you think? is it grayish?

    thanks for the quick reply!
  4. I'm not really feeling the flap and the hobo I like it better in the other colors like brown or black. Have u seen the other bag(flap) irl?
  5. nope! do u have any links? :smile:
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