What do you think of This Bag?like or not?

  1. [​IMG]
  2. i think it's pretty!
  3. its ok not an everyday bag, looks like its for a special occasion :yes:
  4. pretty! not for everyday though
  5. I'm not too keen on the pearl-like beads and then the disc sequins. I'd prefer the bag to be one or the other :smile:
  6. Do not like.
  7. not a fan
  8. A bit much for me, but could see it being a sweet evening/dress bag for the right girl.
  9. nay, sorry
  10. Not for me it is far too fussy (too much going on with this bag)
  11. I think it would be cute for special occasions.
  12. A bid too much for me...!
  13. Not for me!
  14. Absolutely not my style.... too much scales even for an evening purse!
  15. That's a cute and definitely fun evening bag!