What do you think of these?

  1. r they real ?
  2. I don't believe so...feedback isn't great.

    It would be neat if they were!
    I would be ALL over those!:yes:
  3. wait...is that a picture of a creed from a bag?!

    first thought i had was the possibility that these were something from in store, since many stores have couches and stuff. but i don't know.

    i love all these auctions you're finding though, lol.
  4. haha, yeah it looks like they took a picture from a completely different object! you can even see that the zippers are in no way similar.
  5. they are ugly.
  6. Nutso price!
  7. kinda cute but price? c'mon
  8. Wow - those are different. ^^ Agreed way too expensive. No idea if they are real.
  9. If they were cheaper...and real, I would so get them.
  10. :roflmfao:
  11. They are deffinatly unique and pretty.
    Talk about falling asleep and dreaming of Coach.
    I bet those pillow cases come with subliminal messages "Must run out and buy a new bag" lol.
  12. Wow - Interesting
  13. They're pretty and it would be interesting if they were real. The picture of the Creed though, I agree, looks like it's from a completely different item. It would be dumb to put a zipper pocket and key ring hook thing on the inside of a pillow case. Makes me suspicious for sure.
  14. The question she answered said that the zipper is the part you open to put the pillow in.
    That just sounds weird.
    Why is there a hook to attach keys?
    I think the idea is beautiful.
    If it wasn't so expensive I'd jump on it!