What do you think of these PRADA's

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  1. I got these pradas at Neimans Last Call in Maryland
    for $104.00- hell of a deal from $585.00
    What you guys think and what can I wear them with
    AEUw1cEAFCAPAQLAqFip_0Oct14_004.jpg.xcode.jpg AEUw1cEAFCAPAQLAqFip_1Oct14_003.jpg.xcode.jpg AEUw1cEAFCAPAQLAqFip_3Oct14_001.jpg.xcode.jpg
  2. sorry pictures are blurry used my daughters camera phone
    one more
  3. Very Cute:yes: and a great deal!!
  4. I love those and what a great deal!! :nuts: I'm sure they'd look great with jeans and plain colored skirts, at least.
  5. OMG..I have them in Choc brown..LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!!!

    Yes..I paid full price..GOOD JOB!!WHAT A PRICE!!!
  6. it's a cute shoes... congrats on the bargain :yahoo:
  7. from what I can see, they look adorable. But is anyone unable to full-size the pics? I can only see the thumbnails and clicking on them doesn't enlarge.
  8. Ok I Found A Better Image Online
    Here Are The Shoes
    hope you can see them
  9. here they are- did not upload first time
    56_1.jpg 29_1.jpg
  10. ooooooooooooooooh!! love them! gorgeous!
  11. I had my eye on those for the longest time, but my feet won't let me buy them. I can't wear anything in a heel much over 2.5 inches.. :crybaby:
  12. oh, those are very pretty!
  13. pretty shoes, great bargain!
  14. Those shoes are adorable! And what a bargain--I love it when that happens. I like Pewter's ideas for what to wear with them. With jeans, you will look so good! :yes:
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