What do you think of these Perforations?

  1. [​IMG]
    Or just in case the pic won't work for me (again, since photobucket is down..) here's the link:

    This is a Riki. Anyone seen a JC perforated bag IRL?

    What do you think of the Perforated craze going on? I've seen a lot of these on the Fendi bags.. Yay or Nay? :confused1:
  2. No me gusta.
  3. Nay for me ever since Mick pointed out that if one of those little perforations catches on something you could end up with a badly torn bag....yikes! :nogood:

    But it's also not for me just because I'm not crazy about the look.....too busy. And I don't mean that particular Riki, which is in fact too busy IMO, but perforated in general looks too busy to me. :tdown:
  4. I saw this bag today at the Choo boutique in Short Hills and no offense to anyone, but it is really hideous in person. Too much bling. The perforations look cheap. Just my opinion but yuck.
  5. I agree, I think the perforated suede looks really cheap.....maybe it doesn't on another style/designer bag in leather?

    Still not for me even in leather, but the perforated suede does look especially bad to me too.
  6. Ni yo tampoco...:push:

  7. Yup - we are all sooo synched together - I think so too lionlaw- cheap is the word.. :thinking: I could imagine what you said Stinker. One wrong move and the bag can be Done! :s Not a good sight to see...
  8. is the picture working??
  9. Abi, what I don't like are the studs on the sides and down the middle. I think that detailing cheapens the bag. The perforations have a light summery look IMHO as does the light grey color. I would be concerned about snagging one of the holes but I probably wouldn't use it as an everyday kind of bag.
  10. Not for me, even if it was Free:nogood:
  11. Now, I kinda like it! I wouldn't pay that much for it, tho. I like the perforations and the suede as well. I will be sad to see the metallic craze go.
    If you notice, most of my bags, boots etc...have some kinda bling or tassels.
    I even glued crystals on my Uggs:nuts:
    The thing I wanted most as a 6 year old was majorette boots...with tassels!!:girlsigh:
  12. Nay for me. I have also seen IRL and it didn't do it for me.

  13. :tup:
    I like it too!
    Looks like its you and me going against the grain :p

    I've seen it in person and saw a gal carrying it on Rodeo - I like it
  14. Is the surface shimmery??