What do you think of these booties?

  1. Hi all...need my PF ladies to for some honest opinion again. I was shopping at Barneys this weekend and came across these Costume National booties. Now, I've never tried on CN...but they were unbelievably comfortable considering the height. However, I don't own any booties, because I always thought the trend might pass soon, and I don't know what else to wear with it besides jean.

    Now, I need you guys to tell me...what do you guys think about these, honestly? Should I keep them? Thanks so much!

    One pic is from Zappos, and One pic is taken in the store at Barneys - both are my feet

    CN bootie.jpg
  2. I think they are cute. If they are comfortable, that's even better!
  3. They look HOT on you. I'm so jealous- I like the look of booties and tried them on for the first time yesterday . . . and they look horrible on me.
  4. I really like them-- they look great on you!
  5. Wicked sexy and super cute!
  6. Very cute! Love the toe.
  7. KEEPERS!!!! These are super hot and then you said comfy to boot!? No question, you know your answer...
  8. they are hot!!!
  9. I love them! But I prefer them worn with the jeans.. JMHO.
  10. i like these!!!!
  11. Love 'em. You can wear booties with lots of things, including tights and skirt/dress, or just bare legged with skirt/dress.
  12. I didn't like the stock photo, but they look GREAT on you! Keepers, I say!
  13. They look awesome on! I say keep them.
  14. Thanks for all the comments - I'll keep them and try it out with different outfits! I just gotta convince hubby that the heel is not "weird" as he puts it. ;)
  15. I like them a lot!! I would definitely keep them!!