What do you think of the resissue 228 size?

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  1. I want to get a navy reissue. I have access to a 228...what do you experts think of this size. Is it cute or really big.

    By the way I am about 5'3" and I am currently using the Expandable tote. My other larger Chanels are the brown lambskin hybrid and the baby coco cabas (to give you an idea of what I am comfortable carrying)

    Or should I hold out for a 227?

  2. I think the 227 is more functional and seems to be the most wanted size.
  3. I think the 228 is way too wide. I prefer the 227.
  4. I have a 226--which I use as an evening bag, and a 228, which is a completely different bag. It's a day size, and it holds a LOT!

    If you want a large, practical and gorgeous day bag, the 228 is great! I think it just depends what you're looking for.
  5. I LOVE big bags, but the navy 228 was just too much for me (I had the opportunity to 'try' it at the NM trunk show). I guess it's the shape plus all the metallic that didn't suit me in such a large size (I am 5'7").
  6. It is way too big for me.......
  7. I have the original black 228... it's not too big for me. I'm 5'8" though... :shrugs:
  8. i love the 228
  9. I don't like the 228 because IMO it looks to much like a briefcase on a chain. I prefer the 227 but if you really love it go for the 228 because you're the one who has to love it. :smile:
  10. I love the 228! But I'm 5'6", big-boned (sz 14) so I like having a weighty bag. A 226 is an evening bag to me and I'm slowing changing my collection to 227/228 or jumbos. XL jumbo in vintage.

    which navy reissue 288? navy patent or navy metallic?
  11. I love the 228:heart: because it's such an edgy bag and also the hardware are slightly different:the holes where the chains come through are oval ,the chain is wider and flatter and the lock is bigger too plus it holds a tone! I use mine both day and night all year round!:yes:
    I fell for the 228 dk navy metallic as soon as I saw pics posted although I don't know if my local b will bring it in this size :sweatdrop:but since I've already have a black 228 I can do with a 227 instead I guess! I'd say go for it it's definitely a bag that makes a statement!
    here are some enabling pics of the new 228 dk navy and my black 228 g/h!;)
  12. love it -- tres chic! but i think it's more of a day bag -- the 227 makes a nocer transition to night.
  13. Saw the metallic navy 228 at NM BH trunk show ...it is gorgeous and has a presence because it has more depth!! NM didn't order that color but I'm hoping I can find 228 in both metallic purple and navy!
  14. im in love with it
    i want it so bad
    one day
  15. chanelspell: ooohhh i love your black reissue... I'm looking for the exact same bag.. black with gold.. gorgeous!!!