What do you think of the Marilyn bag?

  1. What do you think of the Marilyn?
    I am in love with this bag! Sooo pretty i hope my boutique has one!
    Do you think there is too much vachetta? im loving the studs! xx
  2. Oh I love it and think it is perfect! At first I was concerned that there was a lot of vachetta, but when I saw it in the boutique this weekend I was really impressed
  3. I love it! I went to LV on tues as my friend was buying a new bag (lucky girl!) and they had the Marilyn there in black! It's so hot! My boyf really likes it aswell, which is always a good sign. I think I have might finally found the MC bag I want, no sorry NEED!!

    I dont think there is too much vachetta, but I reckon the studs help that if you kwim?!
  4. LOVE it ! But it just seems a tad pricey for a bag that size. :\