What do you think of the damier speedy?

  1. I have a mono speedy 25, a mono pochette. A BH and a musette tango and i think i'm going to sell those. I really really like the speedy and i want a 30 now. I'm really scared to use my mono and i think i need the damier for the rainy days. I like the damier but i'm not sure i love it, i'm confused. Going to louis next week
  2. i'm happy with my damier speedy 30.Very classy,that's what people say...I actually get more compliments when i use this bag than any of my other LV bags(mono,MC)
  3. I have the damier 25 and I love it. Got it when it came out. I think it's just as classic as the monogram canvas and definitely just as cute!
  4. I don't know if this will help, but I worked with a lady for 16 years and she carried the same purse every day, in all weather - a mono speedy. When I left the job two years ago she was still there with that same purse - and it looked like it always did (and she was VERY rough on it!). Guess they can really take a beating! Given her results over the years maybe you shouldn't be too afraid to take yours out.
  5. i would say if its rainy, get the damier speedy...though im extra nice to my bags, it probably won't be battered even if i threw it around..
  6. I think the damier is cute. I'm just wishing they take care of the red "bleeding."
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