What Do You Think of New Saffron Kristina & ZC?

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  1. Think this color is really vivid and spring-like online! What do you think? Curious to see what it looks like IRL.

    Know there have been posts about the color, but I haven't seen links. Apologies if images or links have already been posted.


  2. i love it! i think the color is fantastic, such a lovely saturated yellow and the styles are perfection. you can't go wrong with a quilted zc and a baby bruna.
  3. I think it's gorgeous and most of the girls on here will agree!!!!
  4. i'm loving it! might get the zc!!
  5. i love
    i want
    i need
    i love
    i :heart:
    i want
    i want
    I WANT
  6. I definitely love the ZC. It's a perfect pop of color for someone who is a little shy to "let it all hang out" but still wants to show some saffron love LOL
  7. The Kristina is definitely on my list (though probably not in saffron but just boring black). And the zc, well, I think we all know I feel about zc's :P...
  8. The Kari (the one in my sig) also comes in saffron and Nordstrom will carry it
    I've seen it in their lookbook the other day
  9. Yeah, I think I'm gonna have to have both of those...
  10. Very pretty color. It makes me smile!
  11. I love it. It looks brighter than the yellow of last Spring. I have a yellow Stam and I think it is a little darker, more of a true yellow mustard color. This one looks more crayon yellow. A little clearer. Either way, it is a great color. Yellow really does brighten your mood and it is really a fun shade. I always get compliments when I wear my yellow Stam.
  12. i love yellow!! i definitely think this is collection must have.
  13. Yellow isn't usually my thing, but I do think it's perfect for spring - and so pretty after all the grays and blacks of winter. :yes:
  14. I have always adored wallets/clutches in different shades of yellow!! Just adds that pop of color & a little sun to brighten your day.
  15. I love it! Yellow is actually pretty versatile! I have another (non-MJ) yellow bag and it's really fun to carry!