What do you think of new denim bag?

  1. I visited an LV site today and found some of great new stuffs.

    I'm totally in love with new denim bags. Which one look better between new denim bum bag and camera bag? :smile: I plan to buy a new camera bag coz I think it might be more practical than a bum bag. Anyway, bum bag also looks great. Any opinions, please???? ;)

    PS: Does anyone know about the price of both bag? Thank you!
  2. Hey!
    I think you should get the camera bag it's really cute.
    I have always disliked bumbags .
    But go with whatever you think you would use the most.
    I have no idea of any of the prices yet :sad:
    Anyway good luck with deciding! don't forget to update us with pictures if you do get either :yes:
  3. Thanks Kaiie for your reply. I think it roughly around 400-450 GB pounds but have no idea about the exact price tag.

    I think Bum bag looks better in the picture but as you mentioned I will never use it. :push:
  4. I like both the bum bag and the camera bag:yes:
  5. I like both too. They were cute IRL.
  6. Bah, I don't like the Denim line anymore... the Neo Speedy is still the best bag in my opinion. Get the camera bag if you must.
  7. The camera bag is 700ish US dollars.....I like it..need to see it IRL first..I may get one for fun..HEEHEE
  8. i love the camera bag but now that i almost have the cash for a mono stephen im trying to track one down.
  9. the camera bag is great for summer !
  10. I would go for the camera bag. Bumbags arent really my thing...

  11. :drool: Great price !! If it is lower than 400 GB pounds, I will absolutely get it (if it is not too small to carry my stuffs)
  12. i love the new denim bags, both are great! except on the bum bag, I wish the waist strap was leather not denim :smile:
  13. i like both too!~~ But i think the camera bag would end up being more useful than the bum bag.
  14. I like the Camera Bag!
  15. I like the bum bag.