What do you think of my guiseppi zanotti heels?


Does this botkier clutch go with these heels?

  1. YES!

  2. No, I'll tell you why..

  3. Maybe, depends on the outfit.

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  1. Okay gals, so I just made a recent splurge of buying the ivory patent and the black patent. It doesn't show the true beauty in the photo but the wooden heel is just gorgeous. I'm new to this designer, but now I'm hooked. It's a bit big in the toe area, but quite comfy like Manolos. IF anyone else wears this designer I would love to see pics!!!!
    gzwbotkier.jpg blackgz.jpg ivorygz.jpg
  2. i like them! i love the heel!....unique!
  3. Yes indeed!! I love the heel, it's very original! And the ivory patent seems to go very well with the purse on the picture. I wouldn't be too sure about pairing the black patent with the purse, but I'm sure it could work out if you also kept the rest of the outfit monochromatic. Congrats on a fab buy!
  4. omgish! i love the heel! love them in ivory but they're both great. the heel is very cool. are they available online? :p
  5. lol, I'd love to know too!:graucho: i did a search last night after seeing them and couldn't find 'em
  6. Yess they look great.
  7. How cute! Did you get em during the sale? I wanted a pair but they were sold out of my size :crybaby:
  8. zanotti is a really great brand - really comfy !!
  9. Very nice, I love the ivory.
  10. I love both. The heel makes that shoe so fun and unique.