What do you think of Monogram Ribera?

  1. [​IMG]

    Any opinions on this bag? How about in black Epi?
  2. I think it's FAB because there isn't many of them around!:graucho:
  3. I agree with you there- the less common, the better. I love the shape of it too!
  4. Looks sorta like an Alma, so it's OK in my book :yes:
  5. ^^ I also think it's a hybrid between an Alma and Speedy. I agree - I love LV, but would like one that only few have. I love this shape as well as the Duomo - unfortunately 1-866 indicated that since the Duomo' shape is only a couple of years old, it would not be available for special order at this time.:sad:

    I love the Ribera in Mono, but what do you guys think if I had it made in Epi?
  6. nice bag..

    those don't lost shape or sag like the speedy right?
  7. I love the style of the ribera, though I happen to think that I love it in the damier print alot better than in the monogram! If it were made in epi, that would be hott too!!
  8. :drool::drool::drool:

  9. I like better damier one (IMO)
  10. Nice bag. I really like it in the monogram.
  11. Very nice!
  12. I really like it.
  13. love the shape of it
  14. I think I like it...but I'd prefer the one in damier
  15. I was just gonna say the same thing!