What do you think of Malini Murjani Daniella Leopard Print tote?

  1. Can't decide. I'm not sure where I stand with the animal prints.
  2. Hot bag!
  3. I don't necessarily like this particular bag but I do like leopard bags in general.
  4. I've seen other leopard print bags that I like more.
  5. sexy hot sexy bag!!!! I love it!:nuts:
  6. The only animal print bags that I have actually paid attention to are Kathy Van Zeeland, but there is WAY too much going on there......I'd have to see a really good designer bag up close to actually evaluate it. But from what I have seen lately.....not too impressed. Now, the bag you have shown is pretty cool.....
  7. wish I could see the handles....
  8. Is it also a shoulder bag? Couldn't tell how its handle is while the modle holds it. I am not too crazy about this bag.
  9. Thanks all! Yes, it is supposed to double as a shoulder bag. I will post more pictures once it gets here.
  10. I think that with maybe the right outfit? Honestly, I'm not sure about it. I don't really care for animal prints...:confused1: But that's just me....
  11. I think it's a nice bag.
    I absolutely love the new Dolce & Gabbana Animalier bags.
  12. I think I do like this bag. I like some leopard print stuff. However, it looks like animal hair and I am not down with animal hair. It's just a weird thing I have.
    I do love the shape and style of this bag, though.
    It's pretty hot!
  13. Did the bag come in yet?
  14. I like it!