What do you think? Double-Zip Paddy Bag?

  1. How does this bag grab you?
    I haven't seen it in person. Is it an 07 design or something left over from 06?


    Here is another picture in muscade:

    Honest opinions please? Love it? Hate it? :confused1:
  2. it looks more like a variation of the paddy shopper. I think people who like the shopper might like this. I prefer a slightly smaller style.
  3. D & G, that makes sense. :yes:

    But, in some ways it also reminds me of the original Bouler(sp?) bag, but with something to grab onto when you are zipping the double closures. :jammin:
  4. hmmm... i'm not sure... the little flaps make it seem like it wants to fly away somewhere...or maybe dog ears?

    it's not bad..my first time seeing it.
  5. Honestly? I think it is a very boring style. There are so many beautiful Paddies out there. This one, at least the pic on NAP, does nothing for me. But, then what do I know?:shrugs:
  6. It's ok, it doesn't stand out as anything spactacular.
    That bag is on sale right now at Chloe Bahrain for 1k.
  7. it's cute!
  8. I saw this bag in the Chloe Boutique, London last week :yes:

    It is ok but I found it too big for my taste and perhaps a bit too plain looking :push:
  9. Thanks for the feedback.
    I passed on ordering it.

    I want a muscade bag.

    I ordered a muscade zippy, as I have never had that style before and own way too many medium satchels already!
  10. I like it but I wouldn't say love. I do like the Mouse color.
  11. i dunno, looks too big for me
  12. ahh I dont think I would have ordered it either. The good news is tho, if its not popular, you may be able to bag it for a fab price at a later date, but its not one that I would personally pay full price for :smile:
  13. Hey, I :heart: LOVE:heart: your bag in your picture. What kind is it? And where did you buy it? Do you have a link to the store where you got it? Thanks bunches!

  14. I think the Double-Zip looks quite cute... kinda reminds me of the box/bowler paddy, which I really love... :yes:
  15. This one is not for me, it looks like dog ears on the side.

    I can't get around that