What do you think celebs do with their older LVs?

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  1. I was looking through the Celebrity & LVs thread and noticed almost all the bags shown have little to no patina and almost always in the latest styles (w/ the exception of Speedys).

    What do you think happens to their last season bags? Back of the closet? eBay? Consignment stores?

    Just curious.
  2. back of the closet first..then family and friends
  3. Does anyone know if celebrites actually have to pay for their LVs (ironic, isn't it)? I remember a Newlyweds episode where Jessica Simpson unexpectedly received a package from LV containing a few pieces, and it was implied that they were complimentary...
  4. Back of closets.
  5. Offload them somehow.. friends, family, charity !
  6. ^Yeah, probably to PAs, friends, family, stylists....not necessarily in that order..

    I know my local celebs receive free stuff from LV, so yeah..I don't think they need to pay for their stuff...
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