What Do You Think About This??

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  1. Not worth it

    But I refer this one

  2. That bag is so much prettier and I'm in love:love: with the gold . Thanks!
  3. Just a note--the first bag you posted is a clutch size. Very small. The bag with the canvas and patent is more of an everyday use bag.
  4. Good to know, that first bag would have been too small then. Thanks!
  5. I think the one you posted is cute, but I do agree with Litigatrix about the size. Good luck! the other size comes in all kinds of cute combinations. I would recommend the canvas with red patent as my favorite, but the choices! :drool:
  6. I actually prefer the first one. The mini version. I love the handles.... Simple. Good luck choosing and post pics when you get the bag!
  7. The first bag is so cute in person...but the link only has the pink one, which actually has yellow buckles.....