What do you think about this SPY? Should I get it?

  1. I just saw this white and gold spy bag and am in love with it. It's beyond gorgeous, but I really don't think I'll be able to swing the price.

    What do you guys think about this Spy?
  2. I like it...but i feel that it looks a bit plasticy...colours are hot.
  3. I was never big on the metallics, and this color seems metallicy to me..
  4. this spy has always been one of my favs!!
  5. This is what I have been carrying the last 6 days ....its metallic...silver and gold...and honey...IT GORGEOUS!!! So glam.
  6. I'd go for it. It looks gorgeous
  7. This is currenlty the most desirable bag to me. I actually think looks like an understated metallic. If I were lucky enough to have one, I'd carry it summer and winter.
  8. This is thee bag to have - if you can afford it go for it as I would give my right arm for one.
  9. This bag would be at the top of my list... if only it didnt cost so much. If you can afford it - then I say get it.
  10. LOVE it!!! GO FOR IT!!! It's even MORE GORGEOUS in person and the smell of leather is TO DIE FOR!!!:nuts:
  11. It is a great bag, if you really want it go for it.
  12. It's a beauty. Colors are gorgeous. I would be worried about the light color though. I am sure I would get it dirty.
  13. LOVE it!
  14. Yes!!! I am not a fan of metallics, but this bag is AMAZING!!
  15. I love it. Works for both day and night.