What do you think about this MBMJ's bag?

  1. I really want a white bag this Spring/Summer. This one caught my eye. Please give me your honest opinions. TIA.
  2. hey ECMD, it's not for me, too casual look. (unless that's what you're using it for!). shape reminds me too much of guys carrying the manhattan portege sling bags

    i'd rather go for a smart casual white leather bag.... maybe like a white stella? :graucho:
  3. Sorry, it's not my favorite either. Have you considered the Stella or Sophia?
  4. I'm not feeling it either. My suggestion is the new white Deborah! I'm probably just putting my own wants on you, but I think it's a cute bag!
  5. looks very casual, like something one would carry to school. if you are looking for a cream color in the mbymj line, try the teri.
  6. I agree with everyone else...very casual. You need something with a little punch or eye catching. Maybe another color?
  7. I'm sorry I meant another style in white!
  8. Hmmm, I'm not a fan. It looks sort of cheap. Sorry. Just my opinion.
  9. Thanks for your help!

    I was also looking at this one. I like all the outside pockets.
  10. ^ I think this is a much better choice! I just wish it was a bit more feminine.
  11. i like this one better compared to the first one. =)

    but it still loooks a little casual to me. have you considered buying a white MJ bag on eBay? if you're going to pay full price for the MBMJ you could get one on eBay for just a little more. of course eBay requires patience for a white bag to appear and you'll have to get pics and get it authenticated blah blah blah...
  12. bubbleliciousis, I will take your advice and wait for a white bag on eBay. Thank you! :yes:
  13. i really like the first one, casual, subtle elegance. the second looks like a childs school satchel from the 1940's...

  14. Now there's an idea.. I just saw a white stella on ebay.. it's used... but you could clean her up and she'd be just as good as new!