What do you put in that pocket?

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  1. You know the pocket in your Chanel flap, the thin one between the other 2? I read somewhere that it was for love notes; well DH doesn't write me any, lol!

    So what do you put in that pocket? Lipstick? A nip bottle of vodka? I'm curious! I used it for lipstick, Chanel of course. My skinny bottle of Bach's Rescue Remedy fits in just right ;).

  2. :roflmfao: ... i want a FLAP!
  3. The zippered pocket on the outter flap is for love notes. The back outter pocket for bills ($$$) because a lady should always carry emergency cash.

    The pocket you are describing is intended for lipstick.
  4. That pocket is for lipstick. The zippered compartment on the flap holds love letters. I asked DH to write me a love letter. Its nice knowing its there.

    Although, Im afraid I sold a bag and he wrote me another joke type of letter saying Im a freak for bags (in mirror image -haha, such a jokester) However I dont know which one it was so who knows who has that in the pocket. GULP.:wtf:
  5. That makes more sense! Nicely hidden! If I ever get one, i'll know where to hide it from DH.;):devil:
  6. Oh boy:wtf:! Funny!:heart:
  7. I've never used the pockets
  8. I gave my hubby a 101 class on the chanel flap but I still have not received one love note from him...... :sad:

    I tried to put one of my lipsticks in the holder, but it must be sized to how lipsticks were from back in the day, cause my lipsticks will not fit.
  9. Bach's Rescue Remedy......:tup: Great stuff!
  10. Could someone post a picture of how they've organized theirs?

    I am curious.
  11. I put a mini cloth inside, to clean my bag incase i drip some water on it.
  12. :upsidedown:my maintenance medicines
  13. i never use the lipstick compartment. the back pocket, i often use it to hold my mobile (for easy access) or my ID/CC/some cash.
  14. i don't wear lipstick cos i always end up eating it... did you know every woman would have eaten like 50lbs of lipstick in their lifetime? o my! but anyway, those pockets in the front don't get used and i like putting money in the back pocket because i'm notorious for spending every last penny that i have in my wallet and it's really nice to "find" money in my bag once in a while. makes me feel lucky!
  15. The first thing that comes to my mind when I read the title is... OH! My valet / parking tickets. And sometimes receipts / loose change. Anything that is easy to slot in and made of paper I would put in the back pocket since it would be secure in it and there probably isn't much use to that pocket, so why not? lol