What do you mean? Wearing with this dress.Please show me your propositions!

  1. HELP!

    Which shoes and earring would you wear with this dress??? :confused1:

    The colours in dress are pink, seafoam,...

    I will be glad to see many pics.:nuts:

    Thanks so much.:heart:

    http://www.reel-style.com/page.php?pageid=335 (Driving Miss Gilmore,Air Date: May 2, 2006)


    (here you can see the dress at many pics. On one you can the Lorelai complete with dress and shoes and I mean the shoes that I choose are like the same.)[/COLOR]

    What do you mean...about these shoes wearing with the dress??

  2. oo I like the shoes and dress! The jewellery depends on what time of day it is. I'd wear something sparkly or big hoops at night-time - gold would go with the shoes! For the day something muted, pretty and summery like flower earrings.
  3. @ passerby: Thanks soooo much for helping. The earrings are lovley for the day. I really like them...where can I find more like this and did they ship to germany?

    For night time I like gold ones,cause I boght the Anne Klein Dunes in gold. But I don´t found lovley gold earrings. I ´d looked at eBay,but can´t found and in germany there are not so nice things :sad:

    No...I didnt found a cardigan...I like the cardigan from JCrew...but the colour is more like dark blue. Its very difficlut to find :sad:

    And when I found a website,they dont ship to germany :sad: Oh dear....

    @ una: Thank u for your help. Yeah I like to wear at night time gold earrings. Do you know where I can get very pretty earrings?

    Lots of greetings
  4. franky, could you please let us know your budget? There are so many wonderful jewelry artists on Etsy (great site) and I've found many earrings that I HOPE you'd like. The sellers mentioned in my next few posts all ship overseas.


    $16.50 (incl cost of shipping)

    $18 (incl cost of shipping)


    $15 (incl cost of shipping)


    $8.50 (incl cost of shipping)


    $9.50 (incl cost of shipping)


    $8 (incl cost of shipping)

  5. Oh wowwww...thank u so much...there are so lovley earrings....

    My budget is ...dont know...they can be up to US $ 30.

    Lots of greetings
  6. Wonderful suggestions, pb! :biggrin:

    I particularly love these:

  7. CH, honestly there are so many wonderful jewelry designers on Etsy. I nearly ordered a ring yesterday. Will post the pic soon - restrained myself!

    farafield (the rings, in particular, are so lovely)

    Isn't this Monet ring beautiful?


  8. They are all soooo beautiful! Thank u soooo much.

    I will now look at the shop and choose some.

    And I am looking for bigger earrings with rhinestones for this dress. Do you know where to finde?

    Lots of greetings