what do you love or dislike about twiggy? pls share your views


Jun 28, 2009
I need some help in deciding on my second Bbag.

My first bag is a RH City, which I love so much! Now, I am really tempted to get my second bag (I'm sure you understand why one is not enough!) and can't decide between a twiggy or another city.

City will be a safe option since I like it, but I thought twiggy will be cute and something different. Does the twiggy slouch nicely when carried with the shoulder strap?

Appreciate your views on why you love or dislike twiggy!


aka Camilla
May 8, 2007
Copenhagen, Denmark
I like the Twiggy hanging by the shoulder strap - it slouches really nicely once it is broken in. I know some find it too sausage-like in shape, but when worn by the shoulderstrap that doesn't come to mind imo. I find it to be a less fussy bag than the City (though I love the City as well) - it is easier to get into as it doesn't have the "bunny ears" and the size is good for everyday.. What colors are you considering? I find that my preference in style depends partly on the color :girlwhack:


Mar 30, 2007
Purse Palace
I :heart: twiggy:yahoo: Planning to get my 2nd one soon.

It does slouches nicely..... Another good mod shot is by juzluvpink.... her tomato twiggy is so yummy:yahoo:

look at this pic.....my friend's praline twiggy
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Apr 30, 2009
Midwest USA
I like the shorter shoulder strap on the Twiggy. The "body" of the bag is a bit too small for what I carry day-to-day (I'm a City girl!!), but I am contemplating buying one of the lighter colors (galet, argent, etc.) in the Twiggy style because when carried over the shoulder it will hit me right about at the waist, so I won't have to worry about dye transfer with my jeans. (I am short, and most of my Cities brush up against my upper thigh).

If I had a larger collection, I'd buy duplicates of the City and the Twiggy and switch out the shoulder straps! :smile:


Jan 4, 2007
Alberta, Canada
If I remember correctly, the Twiggy was my first Bal. At first I liked it, but over time I started to think it was a little too short and long (keep in mind though I hadn't used it enough to really break in). Now I love the City and the Day most of all.


Oct 18, 2007
The twiggy style was my first Balenciaga since I am a petite girl and wanted to have a bag that looked like it fit me. I love how it looks so cute and fun; perfect for a night out or meet-up with friends. I always carry the twiggy by the shoulder strap and it dangles quite nicely.

Now for the dislikes. I don't like how I can't carry a sweater or book in a twiggy whereas it will fit fine in a city or part-time. Also, the twiggy does not look nice overstuffed so it's not suitable if you need to carry more things.


Sep 24, 2007
I like the Twiggy because it looks more feminine compared to the City (which is a little brief case like). It's got curves. The Twiggy looks rather odd carried by its shoulder strap, but looks great carried by its shorter handles, esp when it is broken in and smooshy.


Apr 16, 2008
rainy city
I absolutely LOVE twiggy, wish to have twiggy in every color. Probably my favoutite style.

Very easy to carry, not too big, slouch nicely, hold quite a bit of stuff. Can't get enough of it.

Good luck!


Nov 13, 2006
The Twiggy holds loads for its size. I always have a paperback book in there no problem. It's lovely to hand-carry, and not as 'briefcasey' as the City. And it's not that much smaller than a City.


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Jun 25, 2008
Dannkat.. thanks for the recommendation! *lol*

Oh.. I l-o-v-e the twiggy! It's definitely not small. I can put quite a bit into it, the only qualms (as compared to a City) is it's not that tall. I love it when I carry using the shoulder strap.. it slouches so nicely!

It's more an east-west shape but I think it's not overbearingly wide. It should work for most.

Hope to see new reveal soon!


Mar 23, 2007
I love the Twiggy too.

It was my 2nd Bal but I didn't love this style at first. I thought it too east-west, and though it holds a lot, and I can shoulder it by the 2 handles, just thought that it was too big for me, and was too unwieldy. But because I've started carrying more things, I've discovered that it to be very handy - it seems to be able to "expand" when i need to put in many things, and seems to be very small when I have fewer things to carry.

It helps that it looks really cute in the pops of colours.

I've started to love the Twiggy style more and am looking to add more to my collection!

Hope this helps and hope to see a reveal soon!


But it's so pretty
Aug 11, 2007
Los Angeles
i love the twiggy. i'm with the gals who state that the twiggy was their first bag. i bought my first twiggy from barneys--a 06 greige. i was debating between the greige or ink. i ended up with greige and used it for a year and a half straight. (i wasn't on tpf yet so i didn't think about taking "care" of it.) anyways, i sold it a year ago since i hadn't used it in sometime. i totally regret it. i have/had a pt, hobo, many days, matalasse, and so missed a twiggy in my collection. so i bought a sanguine twiggy last december. i missed having one so much. i recently switched to my bg rh day, but am definitely not not not selling this one.