what do you ladies think?

  1. someone is offering me a brand new with tags mix quilted hobo in black for $650. the retail price is $1295. i know that's a good deal and i should just get it, but i already own the mix quilted tote. i'm afraid the bags are too similar to justify owning both. i sort of like the cognac color better, but the black is very pretty too. what do you guys think of the style? do you like it? is it worth it? most importantly, should i stop rationalizing and buy it already?


    for reference: this is the bag i already own in grey.

  2. But, they are different colors!! (So that makes it ok :yes:) there are plenty of ladies here who own the exact same bag in different colors. Even if you changed your mind I'm sure you could sell it on eBay later at an even wash if not for a profit...
  3. $650 is a great price! but since you already own a very similiar style bag, id say just hold onto the cash - who knows, maybe you'll find something you like better at the mj boutique this sunday. i like your bag (the grey one) better than the first bag anyway; theres something weird about the first bag that im not really feelin'. let us know what you decide kim!
  4. If you love it.. I say get it! If you could trade your black one for cognac would you? Do you like it better than being a third of the way to a new Stam? If you only like the price... hold onto your money for spring!
  5. they are similar styles but such different colours. i say if you really like the style, get both! that's a great price!!
  6. yea, it is a great price, but I'm gonna change my opinion and tell u what i tell myself these days: If you don't love it, save your $ for something you really love...
  7. Would you buy it if it were regular price? I have to keep telling myself this, so I don't get caught up buying a bag because of a good price!
  8. I love them both. If you can afford both, get the second one! I am sure you will get a lot of use out of both. If not, the one you have already is beautiful.

  9. ^ I agree...it's the shape of the bag..I prefer the one you have over the cognac...love the color though..good luck w/ your decision..I know it can be tough!
  10. That is such a hard decision. I really like the colour though. If you like it I say get it.
  11. I never thought about good deals this way, but this question makes a lot of sense. I would own both styles of bags easily regardless of how similar they are. But asking yourself this question may help you decide whether you are buying the bag because of the deal or because you really want it. Good luck with your decision!
  12. I really like the one you already own better. If it is a bag you LOVE then I say get it. If you have to think about it only because it is on sale then pass.
    If you don't LOVE it then save the $$ for one you do. JMO!:flowers:
  13. I agree with some of the other members that if you're thinking about it only because its a deal then hold on to the $$ and get another one that you simply can't resist. :smile:
  14. I say pass... it's a pretty bag, but if you've already got the satchel, what's the point? Save that money for a bag you really want. Besides.. the chain strap looks like it might hurt if there's no shoulder pad.
  15. Yes, pass as well. You have the grey, which is TDF. Save the $ to put toward something else.