What do you guys think of this...

  1. it reminds me of a dior bag for some reason, but at least its a different colour! :amuse: yeah i'd buy it! :biggrin:
  2. I likey!
  3. i think its adorable!
  4. I liked that one too, but sadly it turned out to be tiny. good luck with getting it though, that color is cute.
  5. that's my worry, looking at the size info on the site it seems extra small :worried:
  6. It's really, really cute! I love it!
  7. It's better than the other bags Fendi has. I only like a few of the bags Fendi has.
  8. Nice style .... reminds me of the Speedy!!!
  9. Its cute in person. Even the plum is nice.
  10. I'm sorry but it doesn't do anything for me, but if you love it go for it!