What do you guys think of this?

  1. I think some may find this quite useful and attractive! If anyone has The Pochette Bosphore... maybe you'll like This Poch. Plate thats coming for The Damier Unisex line this Nov 1st, 2006.

    I actually like it - The Poch. Bosphore doesn't look good on me, but yeah it looks similar in dimensions and of course this style has another front pocket that I like!

  2. It strikes me as a very masculine bag, just.. not my kind of bag (baby !).
  3. I think it's kinda cute. It grows on you.
  4. It looks like very manly bag...it would look very good on a guy, I think. If you are man and you like LV this would be perfect!
  5. im sure it'll look great on a guy!
  6. it's cute for a guy to use! Btw, what is the buckle on the front? It looks like plastic to me! Is it titanium???
  7. Nice! Masculine...yes....but also looks great for a lazy day out casua bag slinged accross the chest. Not bad!
  8. How about for a gay guy? HAHA, I'm kidding guys... just some silly humor on my part! Yeah you know its plastic I believe...
  9. Yep, I agree with you guys, it's very masculine.
  10. ITA!:yes:
  11. I'd definitely say it's a guy's bag. I really couldn't see myself carrying it..the Speedy looks much more girly :smile:
  12. I like it alot!!!Very unisex!
  13. I like it as well!
    I think that it would make a great hands free bag!
  14. Looks good and functional too.
  15. I agree that it looks more for a guy than a girl.