What do you guys think of these Steve Maddens?

  1. I would buy these in an instant if they were nude...but I think the gray patent is a cute neutral patent too.

    What do you guys think?
    1733-314412-3.jpg 1733-314412-p.jpg
  2. i think they are lovely, adore the grey
  3. A classic look, what's not to like?
  4. I like them.

    OT: I love your avatar, that wee doggie is adorable.:love:
  5. I have these in black...and I hate them...
    I regret buying those...they are so uncomfortable and slippery too!
    the bottom feels like rock.....heavy and uncomfortable...

    I just cannot get used to made in China shoes....!
    and the materials are synthetic leather, too, which makes my feet sweat like crazy...

    I will admit that they look nice but quality wise, they are horrible!

    Does anyone know if I can return them after wearing them? I have worn them only twice and got them about a month ago.
  6. Uh oh. I just ordered these from Zappos. Luckily, if they are uncomfortable, I can return them and they pay for shipping.

    I own a couple pairs of Steve Madden shoes and they've all been comfortable...strange.
  7. :yahoo: I'm so ecstatic! I received these shoes today and they are not only super cute, but very comfortable!!!
  8. I dont like them in the pic.

    you should model them. they probably look better on you
  9. I remember trying them, or something like them, on at the store and I found them to be extremely comfortable. I think it's very hit and miss when it comes to Steve Madden shoes.
  10. I am glad you liked them. They look very cute, do yo have any modeling pics??