What do you guys do all day/night?

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  1. My SO and I are running out of things to do! Both of us look forward to when he gets off work and I've finished writing papers (i'm in grad school) for the day, but after 3 yrs together we've gone out and explored almost everything we've wanted to see/experience. So now he comes home and we're both like, hey let's do something fun! but the only thing we can think of is either shopping (both of us are tired of it now) or going to the movies (have already seen the 2 we wanted). So then most of the time, we just end up each of us surfing the internet, me on my laptop and him on his computer. We try to think of fun exciting things we can go do but over time we've done all of them, many times over. Is this normal? What does everyone do every night when you're with your SO? Or just in general?
  2. my SO and i have really gotten into planning vacation trips/outdoor activities together. right now we're planning a trip to peru, visits to macchu pichu etc., so we spend time in the evenings poring over tour books etc. there's always something new to learn. other than that, we like to play team sports or do outdoorsy things as much as possible. we're also thinking of volunteering together for habitat for humanity...
  3. Is the a sport you guys like and can do together. DH and like Golf, is the summer swimming together or just an evening walk. Sounds corny, but maybe a bowling league?

    We both watching sports too, so we do that occasionally in the evenings too.

    Stuff with the kids, obviously, especially on the weekend (but I know that's not an option for you).

    Home improvment projects are good too.
  4. My DH and I both work very hard so when we have downtime together--which is rare since I work at night, 4 nights a week, and he works 6 days a week with only Sundays off (his choice--he owns his own business) and plus we have his 3 kids very other weekend--we are just so happy to see eachother that anything we do is fine as long as we're together. It could be reading, watching TV, doing housework...doesn't matter. We don't have to feel like we're "doing something", KWIM?
  5. My BF and I sometimes get together with my friends or his coworkers for dinner or drinks. We also go out to eat or after having dinner at home, go to a bar to watch a sports or just have a drink or two. My sister also drags us to political/social gatherings, since election season is around the corner. Find an interest and participate!
  6. Here are some ideas that my SO and I do for fun

    -We watch TV together since we both love the same shows.
    -You can make some drinks and play a board game- that brings out your competitive sides which is always fun.
    -Find a recipe for something that you both love but have never made before. Go to the grocery store together to buy the ingredients and then go home and cook it together. When you're done, you get a good meal (hopefully) and some quality time together.
    - If you have a pet, you can spend some time playing with it
    -Go to dinner or for ice cream somewhere you haven't been before
    - This might sound silly, but my bf and I enjoy getting some starbucks and driving around looking at really nice houses. In the winter we get hot chocolate and look at houses that are decorated for Christmas.
  7. we also spend alot of time in the same room on our laptops (like right now!) but we do find alot of others things to do as well. I'll list a few:

    watch our Netflix movies
    sit in the hot tub
    bar-b-cue and eat dinner by candlelight and our outdoor fireplace
    go on a "date" which is usually dinner, movie, shopping or a surprise
    go out to movie/dinner with friends
    go to Malibu Gran Prix
    go to our vacation home
    play board games
    read books/mags on the lounge chairs
    listen to music/dance in the living room
    make fondue
    watch/go to Dodger games
    tries to teach me how to play the drums
    hold hands in bed and watch Letterman
    Read the Sunday paper in bed and watch CNN
    Sunday brunch
    ski during ski season
    watch Seinfeld and recite the dialogue
    accompany him on sessions once in a while
    thats all I can think of for now. he's my best buddy.:love:
  8. Hehe! We have 2 laptops and also do side-by-side internet surfing! lol. Mostly at night after the kids are in bed. We used to watch TV during that time, but now we find a lot more enjoyment exploring our little "online worlds" such as PF and his sports car forum.

    Our activities are severely restricted by having 2 small kids, so it's not like we can take off whenever and go hang out at a cafe or catch a movie. So....watching TV or surfing the web are the default activities.

    Once a month, we have "date night," when we go ALL OUT and have dinner at a restaurant followed by a movie. All in all, we're pretty boring people! I just enjoy being around my DH, whether we're web-surfing next to each other in companionable silence, or chatting over dinner at a restaurant.
  9. that is an excellent idea! we've been looking for something to volunteer for too as a couple. HFH is a great organization.:yes:
  10. i'm a full time student with a full time job, so mostly i try to not go completely insane ;)
  11. This year I have been busy with my thesis. I spent last semester reading books, while this semester I write: a couple of pages nearly every day. It's killing me, I am so glad when it's all over.
  12. Well, I usually have work to do so I rarely have nothing to do. But when I am not working I am pretty lame I guess. I just watch TV, watch movies, or read. I try to make myself exercise but sometimes it's so hard.
  13. Rainy, I know what you mean. Some days DH and I are so bored. I mean, on usual days, we will watch tv together, go shopping, go see a movie, pay per view something, take the dogs for a walk, or surf the net side by side on our computers. A lot of times I feel like we've done everything there is to do. During nicer weather there are a few more options. Right now we just kinda bask in the glory of free time when we have it though after a busy semester. I know when we have kids things will be much different.
  14. Great thread !! I was wondering the same yesterday, (5 years on, nothing to do on week ends) but obviously can't get to ask our friends....and want to evaluate if we're just normal here or have nothing in common (?)....wait for kids to appear ?
    will be reading you gals and Charles (!):popcorn:
  15. Have sex??
    It doesn't matter what we do sometimes, as long as we're out of the house.

    Barnes and Noble..get some coffee and read the paper.
    Go have a beer at a bar.
    Walk around the park.
    Go on a bike ride
    Mini golf
    Batting cages
    Dance lessons
    Baseball games
    Hockey games
    Football games
    Kickball games
    Fly a kite together
    Throw a frisbee/baseball/football
    Do sketches of each other