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  1. Friends,
    I called the Hermes boutique in Houston back in November 2005 and placed my name on the waiting list for the JPG shoulder birkin. Back then I was still living in Cali but I would be relocating to Houston in the near future. I told the SA in Houston and she was so nice and went ahead and placed my name on the wait list. I've since changed my phone number and just today I called Hermes Houston and asked them to update my #. The SA was nice and did so, but I'm just curious...will I lose my place on the list, do you think they really update the info. or will they just toss my number in the trash? I asked her if I could be placed on the wait list for another bag and she said sure. Took down the description and said thanks & that was it. Do you think I should just run to the boutique and talk to her
    in person? I may lose sleep over this. I just want to be sure that I still have my place on the list. I forgot the gal who helped me back in November, I'm such a loser. *sigh* Thank you all for letting me get this off my chest.
  2. OH, no, they'll update it! No worries.
    I am surprised that they took your name ovet the phone, though, but I guess their list is open.
    What color did you pick?
  3. plain jane birkin...black togo with gold buckles 35 cm
  4. Great choice! Black is very versatile and the gold gives a more formal feel to a contemporary bag.:yes: