What do you do with your older Coach bags? Keep, sell, gift to someone?

  1. I have some older, but classic, Coach bags (Patricia's Legacy, Legacy Zip, and a black leather backpack that I don't think is made any more). I don't use any of them - in fact, I hardly used any of them because after I bought them I found I wanted/needed a bigger purse (well, the backpack is big enough but I started to feel too old for it!) so they're in wonderful, like new condition.

    I bring them out of their storage boxes occasionally and toy with the idea of selling or gifting them. I've offered them to both of my daughters but they both turned them down - too plain for their taste, I guess. But then I always end up putting them back. I feel a little guilty hanging on to bags I never use, but I think because they're so classic, I feel like I should hang on to them! Circular thinking. :confused1:

    Anyone else have some of the older Coach styles and not know what to do with them?
  2. My older Coach purses (like the ones you mentioned) I keep. I don't use them, but for some reason I can't seem to let go of them. Some of the more recent Coach purses I have bought, once I am done with them, I usually sell them on eBay to help fund a new one!
  3. Hey, I don't feel so weird now for hanging on to these bags! Thank you for letting me know what you do. I do the same thing with the trendier bags I buy. They go on eBay or the consignment shop (though I don't think I'll do the consignment shop again - I felt so ripped off by the owner).
  4. I would keep them all and you may end up using the back pack. I see a lot of people in the mall of all ages with these and places like amusement parks where they need to have free hands. The other legacy bags you could probably use professionally or they may just go with the right outfit, or you could spruce them up with a scarf or charm or both !
  5. :love:I keep them all.
  6. I keep the ones i love.. and sell the ones i dont care much for.. ive bought maybe 8 bags total and sold 2.
  7. I keep all of my vintage bags. Even if I don't use them I like having the collection. They are in pristine condition and I keep thinking that one day I will want to carry one of them again. My newer bags, when I need to make room, or feel that I'm not using them enough, I give to my daughters. :yes:
  8. I have a few bags that although I dont use, I wouldnt part with. I pass the smaller ones down to my daughter, and I've given some away to Mom, sister and friend. And I still have too many!! I think its time to purge a little again.
  9. I have been collecting 15+ years...and the only one I don't have anymore is my black Willis bag. DH sold it at a garage sale years ago for $5. :hysteric: Oh, and I also sold a patchwork gallery. The suede on it scared me. :sweatdrop::shame: I had never used it, so there was no real attachment issue. LOL

    I have kept all the rest...and will never sell them. They are all leather, with lots of classics thrown in. :heart: Here's a pic, but it's a couple years old so it's had some additions added in. A whiskey and black Mandy, and a black Felicia, along with some misc. accessories.
  10. I gave one away that I didn't think was big enough. I don't even miss it.
  11. My first bag I ever got was a Coach for my 16th birthday. I still use it in the summer, since it is off white.
    I won't sell it and I still love it. It's smaller than I am use to, but it is a gorgeous bag and I still get compliments on it.
  12. Yup, don't you just love your older leather bags?? You have a couple of the ones in your collection that I have in my vintage collection. I just love looking at them and knowing that they are classics. They say that everything that goes around, comes around, so I'm just waiting! :yes:
  13. I haven't sold any bags yet, although I am thinking of getting rid of my Camel Suede flap because I know I'll never use it again. Not sure whether to give it away or sell though. I did give a friend of mine a suede drawstring bag last summer and now I want it again, lol. I'm sure I can find it on ebay though, I did get it cheap originally.
  14. i've sold some on eBay. i cant part with others that my mom has given me... :supacool:
  15. I've sold two. One that I loved the style of but didn't like the size. I still want that bag, but bigger, so I don't regret selling it. I also sold a swingpack that I just never liked wearing so not going to regret that one either.