What do you do with the scarves?

  1. I have a Legacy stripe scarf that I bought back in June that I haven't used yet. I intended to tie it onto a White Leather Ergo that I bought but I ended up returning that one but I still have the scarf. Show me what you guys do with the scarves.

    I bought the Legacy Shoulder Bag in Whiskey today, how would it look on that one?
  2. I think the legacy stripe scarf would look awesome on your shoulder bag!
  3. Do I just tie it around the strap? Should I tie in a bow or just tie around once and let it hang down? I would love to see some pics if anyone cares to share their scarf adorned bags!

    Jennaflr, I agree, I think it will look nice. I pre-ordered for PCE so I won't actually have the bag in hand until next week since I'm in the process of moving and can't make it back to the store to pick up my goodies until then.
  4. I have the same problem with scarves. I have quite a few of the pony tail scarves and those seem to be the only ones I actually use. I have tied them on my bags but I usually just use them in my hair. I don't seem to be the scarf type of person.

    I think the legacy stripe will look great with the whiskey!