What do you do with complainers?

  1. I listed a Marc Jacobs silver venetia bag which I did not really want to sell and had it at a high price and it sold! The girl was dying to have it and I overnighted it to California and she emails back, It looks wierd, does not look like MJ bag.has the writing in pocket to prevent return for full price and she is wierded out by it. Trys to say it is fake, I know it was a great bag and I won't do a return because I do not know if I will get MY bag.And besides that she bought it as far as I am concerned it is hers! What do you do so you don't get pestered?:confused1::confused1::confused1:
  2. Can she take it to a retailer to get it authenticated? If she is not happy you probably will get pestered.
  3. It seems she doesn't know a genuine bag, so perhaps you could advise her how to tell? Email her a scan of your receipt (with your details removed) Advise her about the pocket thing. Ask her to take to a Marc Jacobs retailer so they can confirm authenticity for her. Even ask her to post here to get it authenticated? :0)

    It's probably just that she wasn't expecting "writing in the pocket" - I've not heard of that, unless you specifically mentioned it in your auction?

    Good luck

  4. Bear in mind that my advice only applies if you are absolutely sure that your bag is authentic and your auction was honest and transparent!

    You sold something as stated and that should be it. As long as you were not misleading and the product was accurately described and exactly what she received then you've done your part. You're not obliged to refund because someone is "weirded out" by a bag that is otherwise as described.

    If you are 100% confident in this regard, I would just let her know that you will not refund because there is nothing wrong with it. Be nice in the first instance and reassure her that it is 100% authentic. As Kathleen37 said, you can do things like provide a copy of your receipt to ease her mind.

    Just be wary that she might be setting you up for a bait and switch, where you agree to refund and she will return a fake bag, keep your authentic bag and pocket the money!

    Be nice but firm, but if she persists and persists, then you could try ignoring her... it's a small price to pay for a mistake that isn't yours!
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    I agree. As long as you are 100% certain the bag is genuine, then no need to take a return. If she disputes, as long as you can prove the bag is genuine, via receipts etc, then you'll have no probs with Paypal/eBay

    Good luck!

  6. Keep in contact, stay friendly. Refer her to the MJ forum here, they can put her mind at ease.

  7. ITA with Kathyy especially as you state that it sold for a high price.