What do you do when you're waiting for...

  1. your grail bag to arrive in its little orange box?????????:nuts::nuts::nuts:

    I'll start.

    1. Go to grocery market.
    2. Buy tub of Haagen Daaz.
    3. Buy bag of mini snickers.
    4. Buy bag of mini Butterfingers.
    5. Try not to eat them all weekend before your grail bag shows up (well, 1 of 2 you have identified after years of searching, searching, searching :wlae:).

    What else is there TO do? yikes!:push:
  2. Your up to no good woman! Spill it!
  3. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    You started a thread!!!!!

    This is big HC - your sig has been killing me! No way was I waiting 'till tomorrow for a reveal!

    Let's get the clues going.....
  4. Shoot where the hell is the croc birkin!
  5. Baggs, I'm afraid I might be three sizes larger by the time it arrives!!!!!
  6. Don't worry, burn the weight by WALKING ALL OVER TOWN WITH IT! :nuts:
  7. LMAO!!!!!:roflmfao: sorry handybags....i was bursting at the seams! i am no good at surprises!
  8. How many hours left before the delivery man comes-a-knocking-at-the-door?

    Send me some HD over here, I like chocolate at night!
  9. :tup::tup::tup: now THERE is a great idea!!!!!!!!:wlae::wlae::wlae:
  10. the HD is caramel cone......so sweet! so yummy! then when i get to the bottom, i feel oogly and sick LOL. Thank the lordie it's low fat LOL.
  11. oh.......my FedEX guy comes really early!!! Sometimes 9 a.m.!
  12. Love the early rising Fedex man!!!!
  13. last time i got a substitute one though...he was very mean and would not let me snap his photo coming up the walk with the big box!
  14. Hide in the window - snap him from there :ninja:
  15. your so sneaky!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!:nuts: