what do you do when jealous girls think your bag is fake?

  1. some girls were talking sh*t behind my back about my birkin bag when i was at the bank. lol :s i guess i cant pull off looking that rich?
  2. If it is authentic and you know it is, then that's all that matters! Let the haters laugh!!!
  3. A lot of people who are jealous are the ones making the most ruckus. I say hold your head high. they're totally just jealous you got one and they don't. they aren't worth your time, sugar!
  4. thanks.
  5. er ..... I actually don't give a sh*t (pardon me, I usually talk nice)

    1) They are strangers
    2) My life does not depend on them
    3) I do not need to win their approval
    4) I know my bags are authentic. I have it, and they don't.
  6. Would you get mad if ants on the sidewalk looked up and didn't like you, or said things about you?

    No, they're ants. You don't even notice. They live their entire lives under your feet. Where they belong.

    Same thing.
  7. DQ s l o w l y turns around, produces a quizzical look, pulls her sunglasses down to peer over them, begins to chuckle and turns around shaking her head and still laughing.

    (works for when drivers make rude gestures, too.)
  8. I think if it truly bothers you or its way to insulting or rude;then you should confront the person and tell her that he/she has no manners and you are telling them this because you do!
  9. I'd say "its real ladies" I've done it before and the girls silenced really quick.
  10. Love this.:heart:
  11. I think it's totally bogus other girls tryin' to make you feel bad about yoru bag. Don't they have anything else to do? Just silly.
  12. Good one DQ!!! :supacool:
  13. Make lemonade...
  14. Just ignore them, they are not worth your time ;)
  15. I'd pull out the Hermes reciept from the bag, show it to them and say..eat your heart out "biatches"...(And watch them choke on thier own tongue!!)