What do you do if you see white spots on your bags?

  1. Hi, for those of us who live in humid climate, how do you prevent mould from growing on the leather? Please advise... Can the bag still be used?:confused1:
  2. Mould grows on leather?

  3. I was thinking the same thing :wtf: :wtf:
  4. Because leather is organic, hot and humid climate encourages these white spots...
  5. Ouufff... it must be hot where you are!?

    Do they sell 'bag fridges'? j/k

    What can you do in a situation like that! I would go crazy if my bag started growing mould on it!
  6. I am short of getting a fridge... Now I use a de-humidifier called THirsty Hippo to absorb up all of the moisture... Just wondering if anyone knows of any other way...
  7. Stef... did you bbag happen to come in contact w water or liquid... I've heard tt those darn whity stuff might appear is leather is in contact w liquid & not dried properly. Humidity is a drag!!!
    Anyway, I keep my bag in its dustbag...I make sure tts the leather clean/dust free 1st. Then store it in my bag cupboard & yes always a dehumidifier...Thirsty Hippo!

  8. Hi there! How are you? :smile:

    Its my lamb skin Gucci tote that has the white spots... sigh... Ya, I keep all my bags in the dust bag, think that's the problem... you getting any from 07?
  9. i have a bag i bought on eBay (not a bbag but a Sarah Shaw bag) and it keeps growing mould! Erghh! I've taken too using detol surface cleaner on it.. if its safe enough to clean a work surface with and eat off..its safe enough for my bag!
    It worked & killed the patch of mould.. but the mould keeps creeping up my bag... :mad: its like a little war between me and my bag.. :rolleyes:
  10. I wonder if you got some of those dessicant packets (you know, those little packets that come in vitamin bottles to keep your tablets/capsules from getting too moist) if that would help? Store them inside your handbag with your handbag inside its dust cover. I grew up in the Philippines where the weather is the same as Singapore. We used to keep those dessicant packets inside our closets all the time to keep the mold at bay. Those and mothballs...