What do you carry inside your LV Pochette(s)?

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  1. Out of curiosity, what do you carry inside it. Debating using two, one for cosmetics and the other for...I don't know yet.
  2. I owned a Pochette Accessoires, exchanged it for a Toiletry Pouch. I use it as a purse organizer. So in there I put my wallet, BB charger, iPod, chewing gum, perfume and pens. =)
  3. I use my Azur Pochette as my wallet. With my LV mono credit card holder inside for cards and then loose change and notes.
  4. I use mine cross-body only and I typically carry a small thing for bank cards, lipstick, kleenex, keys, mints and any other small thing I need while running around.
  5. That makes sense. I just cut my finger under the fingernail when I stabbed it reaching into pocket organizer to pull out my blasted phone charger.
  6. I carry a small notebook, pen, camera, phone, vernis cles, gum and lipstick. I use it by itself or throw it inside a bigger bag if I need to carry more.

    Hi DrDior, what strap are you using with your pochette?
  7. Use it as a small bag:cles or wallet, blackberry, lipgloss and meds
  8. I use the mono crossbody strap (which I love). It was about $225 in Toronto.
  9. I carry de cosmetic pouch, pomme zcp, mono cles and a small black Mac cosmetic pouch for misc. stuff like pens gum floss etc.
  10. My cc wallet, receipts, coupons, and gift cards. Anything of importance I don't want to misplace.
  11. oh I remember seeing it on a lady at a restaurant, she had mono pochette and that strap, made me look twice, it looks cool and comfortable :tup:
  12. Is it strange i am going strapless on the pochette?
  13. Not at all. It's about what fits your needs. (like your bag charm) I cannot bring myself to spend the required amount on an LV bag charm, but I do like yours a lot.
  14. Ok i thought i may have been the odd one going "strapless" i cant fathom spending that kinda money either on a charm i can get a another pochette :biggrin:
    This charm was 6.99$ at a store called Charlotte Russe ;) now that is cheap lol :smile:
  15. Nice. A woman after my own heart. Now that's what I call being frugal. Works for me.