What do you all think about the Linda McCartney Tapes?

  1. I'm curious to see what the tapes say. I honestly honestly honestly can't see Paul hitting a woman-not Heather (although I can see the temptation) and certainly not Linda. Do I think they fought? Sure, what couple doesn't fight? Did they have ups and downs? Of course.

    Paul is still very very close with his children with Linda and Linda's daughter from her first marriage. If someone is beating your mother, you don't typically remain close to the abuser, you know what I mean? Plus, they were married for how long and didn't they claim to have only spent one night away from each other? If he was abusive, I imagine Linda would have spent as much time away from him as possible rather than always trying to be at his side and vice versa.
  2. I may end up being naive, but I prefer to think of Paul McCartney as a soulful, kind humanitarian.
  3. This is the first I have heard of them, so thanks for the link....

    hmmm, hard to know what to think....are they hinding something, or just trying to protect the sanctity of marriage.

    We all know no marriage is perfect and would certainly wouldn't want some venting by me to be taken out of context or used against my dh should somthing happen to me.
  4. How can anyone know what to think when we don't know what they contain? Maybe I missed it, but did Linda even realize she was being taped? Based on the solid relationship Paul seems to have with his children and how they have defended him, I'm leaning his way.
  5. Dare I even chime in again?

    This man has had these tapes for how many years??? Only now does he decide to make the contents available??? Maybe he should have contacted HM before she married Paul to alert her about his abusive behavior. Would he have ever done so??? Does he claim the tapes contain mentions of abuse or just the state of her marriage (disagreements, arguements, etc...) - there's a big difference.

    Once again, I question the timing of all of this. If you know this man is a cad, why let him victimize another woman if you have the proof to prevent it from happening again??? Mr. Cox seems more interested in who's willing to pay him for his story than in helping anyone.:s

  6. Yes, apparently she did, because Mr Cox was taping her recipes for a vegetarian cookbook and Linda even recorded some of the later tapes herself:


  7. Of course, please do! :yes: It wouldn't be a discussion without differing views!

    I don't think anyone, except Mr Cox himself and people close to him, know for sure, but if an 'insider' described the contents as 'explosive'; I suppose that that is the implication.

    I agree, although, have you ever tried telling someone, who is in love, that their partner is a bad person? I have...once...it didn't turn out at all well (she thought I was after him! :wtf: ) and I have been extemely reluctant to risk it again.

    I also agree, again, that, assuming the report is true, Mr Cox does seem a little too interested in money...

    Although, that obviously doesn't affect the validity of the tapes. Particularly the ones Linda made herself.

    I understand that Paul wants to protect his privacy (and who can blame him?), but I think it's a great shame that the court can't (if they can't) insist that the relevant parts of these tapes are played.

    Then, hopefully this whole mess could be wrapped up, quickly, one way or the other.

  8. No problem, twinkle.tink! :flowers:

    Good question. :yes:

    If Linda is just venting about normal marital diagreements, ITA - nor would I.

    But if she claims, even once, on these tapes, to have been physically abused, that is, of course, an entirely different matter.
  9. ITA

    It just seems so much today, all it takes is acusations...and that it is not enough for me anymore...look at those poor boys from Duke.

  10. True. :yes: Although, I suppose we don't know, yet, whether Linda could have been abused when her children weren't there? :shrugs:

    Also, some abusive men can be very charming, for the vast majority of the time and then suddenly snap. If Paul is one of these men (and I, again, emphasise the word 'if'), it is possible that his charm has made it very hard for people to hold anything against him for long.

    Well, of course, there are many possible reasons why Linda didn't leave his side and inseparability can be a sign of a good marriage...

    But, it is also possible that Paul was possessive and didn't allow her to spend much time alone.

    Also, there is a very well known psychological response called Stockholm Syndrome, this might also explain why Paul and Linda were so close:

    Stockholm syndrome - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  11. Because he had a nondisclosure contract...from the article:

    Mr Cox, a former chief executive of the Vegetarian Society, signed a legal agreement in 1988 agreeing to keep the tapes confidential.
  12. I second that.:flowers:

  13. The thing is, assuming the tapes do include allegations of physical assault, for a moment, assault and battery is, obviously, a crime and so I don't really see that an agreement like this would hold any water, in a court of law...

    Otherwise, people could murder people, get taped doing it and simply pay off the witnesses!

    If she is telling the truth and believes that these tapes hold evidence that will back up her case, I wonder if Heather is considering taking up criminal proceedings against Paul? :shrugs: Because, in a criminal court, they could, presumably, order these tapes to be played?

  14. I'd prefer to, too. :yes:

    I really appreciate his, Linda's and Heather's work for human and animal welfare.

    But, the truth is the truth and ultimately, I want to await the outcome of all this and then, hopefully, sympathise with the correct person.