What do you all think about Crossbody Styles?

  1. I just received one in the mail, and am wondering how in style it really is? It is really nice and comfortable, but fashionable?????
  2. I honestly don't care for the look. No offense, but I think of it as a fanny pack with a strap......very utilitarian. But that's just me.
  3. i think they r kinda cute for travel, and a bit of a trend right now, but not really sophisticated enough for office wear
  4. I love them. Messenger bags are hot this year, and for good reason! They are very urban and cool. Plus, they are so practical- you have your arms free for your baby stroller, groceries, whatever. I have an orange one now and I am getting a new one for Fall in dark green or tobacco for sure. :tup: Maybe not appropriate for some types of work, but for casual wear DEFINITELY!
  5. I am a huge fan of crossbody style bags. I have quite a few, including the large LV Musette, and the LV Salsa with the long strap and the little LV Tambourin. When I go shopping, these are the bags I carry. Hands free, Baby!!!
  6. I'm becoming more and more of a fan. I really enjoy having both hands free and not having a bag slip off my shoulder either.

    For traveling, they're fantastic! :tup:
  7. great for travel, or when you want to go hands-free...most premier designers have at least one style, so you have alot to choose from !!
  8. I've LOVED them for years!!!! I have many, many crossbody style bags. I have them in all sizes, shapes and colors and price ranges. I have different ones for different purposes or needs and I don't typically use one every day, but there are times when nothing else will work :p or be more practical :tup:.

    You said you just got one in the mail, but I would take your time deciding if you like it. Try different types, styles, sizes, and strap lengths until you find one that fits all your needs, wants, and desires. :yahoo:
  9. it's great...!! i love 'em...!! can't beat handsfree! it also gives a nice urban street smart chic kinda look, sometimes if i see ppl (albeit fashionistas) struggling on a tram or in a market with a handcarry it look rather ridiculous really..
    IMO leather ones are beautiful... the canvas or nylon ones are more suited for casual wear, leather can dress you up a lil more, but i agree with everyone, it's not for work, unless you a guy with a messenger bag :yes:
  10. I've always preferred them. Now that I use a cane some of the time, they're essential (hands-free).
  11. I love them for travel when I need to be hands free. I rarely use them any other time because they aren't dressy enough for work.
  12. I can't get comfortable with a messenger style bag - always feels strange to me. I love shoulder bags much more.
  13. I don't prefer the look of a crossbody bag. Although I do admit they are much more practical b/c they leave your hands free. They're so in this fall, who knows maybe they'll grow on me.
  14. They are great for travelling/sightseeing, running errands, shopping, or anytime I need my hands free.
  15. With the right bag, crossbody can be very chic.