What do y'all think about the Balenciaga SS23 & Adidas collab "teddy" controversy?

What's your take in the Balenciaga teddy bear controversay?

  • It's harmless

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  • It's disgusting

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  • It's just to garner attention - Balenciaga being Balenciaga

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  • I don't know what to think

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  • What controversay? (links in post)

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Jan 12, 2006
Bears repeating!
We'd like to leave this thread open, but political conspiracy theories, among other comments need to stop. Discuss the topic only please, let's keep the discussion open and all responses to others need to remain respectful.

Also, let’s stick closely to topic, it really helps preventing tangents and drama.
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Nov 29, 2016
It is interesting that some of the people commenting here never cared about Bals in the first place. For many of us die hard Bal fans, our bags are precious, searching for beautiful oldies was a joy that helped me relieve stress from my high pressure job. I never owned any logo-stamped designer bags, I hate logos. I collected Bals because they had beautiful silky, smooshy, puffy leather in beautiful colors, were lightweight, not too formal and had no logos. That brand largely died after Nicholas G left. I have not bought a new Bal since 2012. When Demna took charge, many of us commented on the cheapening of the brand and some of his outrageous in your face buy it if you are so stupid designs. So, to me, current Balenciaga has nothing to do with my beloved oldies. To blame me for carrying my Bals is irrational and cruel. I am just as disgusted and disturbed by the recent ads as most of you, but boycotting preDemna Bals is not justified, IMO.
Totally agree. Enjoy your bags.


Mar 17, 2006
Interesting. Balenciaga at Tysons is the only one in the Washington DC area. There is A LOT of wealth up here so I was quite taken aback to see the store empty multiple times during the holiday shopping season.

I am not sure what normal sales cycles Bal has, but a lot of clothing items at Saks are marked down 50-70% off.
I was wondering this too as prices still seem high and sales seem flat. Sad for the brand and for those of us that have been here since the ghesquière era (the best of brand imo), also since they seemed to be having a Renaissance with the Moto style. When I had my vintage bag with me while shopping at their East Hampton store (browsing more than buying) the SA all drooled over my oldie and said what customers were really looking for were the old city model, ie the look of the 00's for Bal. I do wonder where they go from here.


Jul 22, 2012
My daughter works for a high end department store in London. The shoe department there has now dropped Balenciaga. The accessories department have a security guard permanently in place for fear of anyone trying to vandalise the display cases. The Bond Street Balenciaga store was vandalised just before Christmas with the word ‘paedos’ spray painted across the windows. I’ve always loved the brand but as a London resident I don’t feel I can use my bags right now. I’m disgusted by their ad campaign but also horribly disappointed that a brand I love has become so tainted by their own stupidity


Jul 22, 2012
That's disappointing. Bad behavior doesn't solve anything. If we vandalized every display case and shop window of every brand that did something appalling, we would need to hire a lot more janitors.

I completely agree. I know child abuse/pornography is obviously an extremely emotive subject but whatever Balenciaga have done it doesn’t excuse criminal behaviour from others. Sadly though it does make me uncomfortable about using or wearing Balenciaga around London if this is the mindset of some people


Mar 22, 2019
An ad doesn’t bother me. I don’t really care for ads. I would argue that Barbies are worse but millions of Barbies are circulating the world.

What bothers me is the outrage over the ads when there are children out there abused in secret or in certain societies. Child marriages still takes place in certain parts of our world and no one really blows that up, compared to one miserable ad in the first world which garners outrage.

With or without the ad, child abuse has and had been present since humans came to existence. Let’s do our part instead of focusing on social media, focus on the real cases of neglected children and abuse.

I myself volunteer to tutor or sponsor children from underprivileged or abusive backgrounds to give them a fighting chance to break away from the cycle of poverty. On our own, one can’t save everyone but at least if one kid becomes a law abiding tax paying citizen, determined to overcome their circumstance, that’s good enough for me.

So if you really want to do something, don’t make noise over some stupid ad campaign. Do something real about it - contribute. Small drops of water can turn into oceans. If social media is your thing, highlight the real problems going on out there. Just don’t buy the merchandise that offends.

(edit: some one thinks I am putting down others. Not my intention but I won’t apologise for it when someone over analysed or misinterpreted my opinion and takes offence at an assumed intention which I never had).
Ads are not "just an ad". That's why there is a ban on cigarette ads in schools, baby formula ads in hospitals and health clinics, cigarette company sponsorship of children events, and here's a kicker, in my country some ads (condom, cigarette) are only allowed at certain hours in late evening.
If ads are useless in changing people's behaviour, it wouldn't be an industry thesize it is now. If World Vision spends as much money on ads as fashion/cigarette industry maybe we see changes.

Haven't been back in this thread since made a comment some time ago, but saw the comments to the blog article very dismissive of the "intentional" angle. Which reminds me of the only campaign I worked on when I was in the ad industry. It was for a shampoo. The part of the model's hair was discussed for a few HOURS with many trials all observed by ad company and client until everyone agreed to a slightly off center part that masks the tiny balding in her temples. Ionly lasted 6 months in that industry as I couldn't care less about working very hard to CONVINCE PEOPLE TO BUY THE F'IN SHAMPOO.
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Apr 30, 2008
I saw on the Balenciaga IG the announcement of the Bal/ Kering partnership with the National Children's Alliance for a 3 year program. Focusing on helping victims of child abuse, mental health, trauma and child protection.
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Feb 23, 2017
I just read a couple of posts in this thread. Where was these minor children parents/ guardian when these photos was taken? If I was on set as a parent and I saw the costumes or vision of the photo shoot I'm dragging my child off the set.
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Mar 24, 2009
I just read a couple of posts in this thread. Where was these minor children parents/ guardian when these photos was taken? If I was on set as a parent and I saw the costumes or vision of the photo shoot I'm dragging my child off the set.
parents get intimidated and sometimes mocked for wanting to get their kids out of there, plus some are flat out exploiting their own children.
That Demna individual needs to be fired. No if, no but. Same with the CEO.
Bye, bye.
As far as the people buying the brand, what are you saying to the World?