what do u think of black swift?

  1. what do u think of black swift leather? Thinking of getting one but need some opinion on this leather. Thx all!
  2. ling, I don't have experience with black swift, but, I do with etoupe swift. I've only see pictures of the black and it looks heavenly.

    The swift skin is fabulous to the touch and resists scratches. I was touching the inside of my bag with my fingernail ( it's swift lined ) as I putting things inside and when I inspected it, there were no scratches or marks of any kind.

    Not to say it does not scratch, but, that you don't have to baby this skin.

    I have heard from others who have been caught in the rain with swift that you need only to wipe it off and it's good to go. I have not had that happen yet, however, so I don't know how much water or rain it could stand....maybe someone else could tell us?

    And....the biggest thing with me is that Swift feels so nice to the hand and has a lovely scent. I even like the way it looks....kind of matte and touchable looking.
  3. The leather is wonderfully soft, as isus says. Do you like a matte finish, ling?
  4. I have a vermillion swift 1923 Bolide that I have really enjoyed. It takes the colors just beautifully. I love the feel of the leather and it has held up well so far. The thing I don't like about swift is that it is the slouchiest of all the leathers. Although I don't have one, I heard that swift Birkins (Kellys too maybe?) are lined with swift and not chevre. :sad: I had hoped that they would be lined with chevre to help keep them from slouching so much. Some people really like that swift is so slouchy and malleable--and that feature does make it perfect for a bag like the Lindy that is designed to fold up--but since I now know that I like stiffer, more rigid bags, I will stay away from a Kelly or Birkin in swift. But I know that slouchiness is solely a matter of personal taste (see the stiffy thread).
  5. I had my black swift Kelly for about a year now and it has held up fabulously. The grain is very beautiful. I know the slouchiness has been a big concern for many but honestly, it still looks as good as the day that I bought her. It has been very easy to travel with and resists scratches well. I, too, have not had any experience with it in the rain.
  6. MaggieD took the words right out of my mouth!!! I have a 32cm Vermillion Swift Retourne Kelly and it does take on the colour very well. The leather is also extremely soft and wonderful to feel.

    However, the downside is that it slouches. I am one who prefers more rigid and structured bags so I definitely will not do swift for kelly or birkin again. Maybe Lindy.
  7. I personally love swift (aside from chevre) - do have it in black, etoupe and bj. It does take color differently.

    This leather is very similar to the gulliver, another leather I like - which is already discontinued. Swift, like gulliver is soft and smooth to the touch. It does slouch (a lot) and is very mou. I have gulliver in gold, vert cru and rouge vif. Again, the colors do look a little different in this leather vs. box or togo/clemance.
  8. I think Swift is beautiful but I've never seen it in black, only colours like bright orange, etoupe and rose dragee - it really brings the colours to life. I don't own anything in swift yet so can't comment on slouch etc. Also, I have discovered that photos of swift don't really do it justice - it real life when I have examined items in stores, it is even better - I am always drawn towards it and always surprised to discover it is swift.
  9. Love, love , love black swift in the Lindy!
  10. ^^ Yes, I second xquisite. Only in the Lindy.
  11. Maybe swift would be better in sellier, if it slouches so much? I have no experience with this leather at all, so am just guessing. I did hear that it takes color beautifully.
  12. I have a blue jean swift 30cm Birkin. The leather has a wonderful smell and it is buttery soft. It has a slight sheen, which I love. I highly recommend swift.
  13. I love love love my black swift birkin. It feels wonderfully soft and has the texture of black velvet. It does not hold its shape as well as box or chevre... but I love the tactile buttery smoothness of the bag (as opposed to box which is more of a rigid smoothness)...Moreover, fine scratches are easily rubbed away

  14. i really like swift with in a birkin , i think it'll get really slouchy when it's well used. although i think it depends whether the lining is chevre or swift too.

    someone posted a pic of their swift birkin before. at first, when i saw how slouchy it was, i was like :wtf: but after a while i became like this :drool: .

    it suddenly occured to me that a birkin doesn't have to be stiff. it COULD be a soft bag.

    but for kellys, i definitely like them stiff and straight....
  15. my orange kelly 35 is in swift
    and i just LOVE the leather! it's soooo soft
    and yes, handles scrathes pretty well, and i've been carrying it in rain...no mark whatsoever..i didn't even bother about wiping(maybe i should..i'm so careless sometimes)
    but..for me it's still a bit heavy(i guess all H leathers are heavy for me= =)