What do u guys think?

  1. Hiya everyone im kinda new here!

    So I'm a Louis Vuitton girl at heart, but i have recently started lusting over dior, so here is my dilemma i reallllly want a :heart: gaucho:heart: , but i am worried that in a year or two years etc, it will be 'out of fashion' and i prefer to buy bags that are (or will be) classics this is why i like LV kwim? hmm

    so i would be interested to hear your points of view

    Thankyou for your time

  2. Hi!

    I think it's a classic design. I know a lot of people think it was just a fad when it came out 1 year ago but I think it's here to stay. If you have a look at the current Spring-Summer collections, they still have the gaucho but sort of updating it each season to match the current collection.

    I have two gauchos and I love them to bits. I see you're also from the UK, and I could tell you it has survived a year of Britain's harsh conditions (:roflmfao: ). All the rain hasn't diminished it's colour and because it was treated to look vintage, it's aging quite well.

    Anyway, that just my 2 pence. I guess I would suggest you go to a boutique and try it on and see if it's a style you would carry for a long time. ;)
  3. hi hollie,

    welcome to the dior subforum! :balloon:

    there's been a similar thread like yours which was posted by another PFer, perhaps you might want to take a read of it to see what some PFers think about the gaucho being a classic or trendy bag.
    the thread is right over here: http://forum.purseblog.com/dior/large-gaucho-saddle-bag-82555.html?highlight=gaucho

    from my personal experience, i fell in love with the gaucho when the ad campaigns first started and it was just love at first sight. i had to wait a good long while (nearly a year i think!) before i finally could own one, but it was well worth it and my love affair with the gaucho never once died during that long wait. I guess it's a matter of how much you love it because even if it weren't deemed as an "it" bag a few years from now, as long as you really do like it a whole lot, it wouldn't really matter.

    that said, i do think it's a classic in its down right. it may not compare to the lady dior (which if you're looking for a classic staple piece, i'd absolutely recommend!) but i think the gaucho gets better with age actually (since it's supposed to look distressed/aged). plus i can see the gaucho being worn dressed up or down with just that nice touch of edginess to it.

    i can't recommend the gaucho enough, and also you might like to take a look at the other threads (and dior.com) since there are just more and more variations of the gaucho coming out (in particular, the cruise collection gauchos - check out chrystalline's gorgeous white one: http://forum.purseblog.com/dior/my-white-metallic-strap-gaucho-70710.html and also the new spring ones from dior.com)

    i hope it helps a little, and i'm sure other members will chime in with their opinions soon. ;)
  4. Thankyou for your opinion ;)

    Glad to hear yours are holding out okay

    I am heading to Manchester in the next few weeks so i will take a look in the dior boutique while i am there, i usually dont even bother to look because LV is right next to it! lol, but i am getting a bit bored of LV and seing as though i am 20 i feel like i need to purchase something funkier and i think dior is just that ! :yes:
  5. Thankyou also to zerodross,

    i seem to be falling in love with this bag even more now!

    you are all so helpfull in this forum, i may have to purchase it just so i can be part of this sub-forum lol!

    watch this space for the gaucho then :yes:
  6. ^ can't wait to see pictures of your gaucho! hehe. ;)

    p/s i'm not sure if the dior in manchester would stock the cruise collection gauchos, but if they don't, i'm sure they can always bring one in from london (that was what the SA told me). and yup, definitely try dior.com they have an online store for uk, so it's definitely well worth a browse.

    good luck!
  7. Thankyou everyone