what do u do with ur bags at airport and on airplane?

  1. For those of us who travel a lot, what do you do with your purses? I am especially referring to the security check lines...IMO the xray machine is really dirty cuz everyone's dirty luggage goes on it. But i can't just NOT carry my bags on trips!! Another problem is that i LOVE canvas and/or fabric bags, plus my favorite purse color is white or cream (i have a lot of light-colored bags in both leather and fabric) and i'm so obsessed with them staying clean

    what about on the airplane? Do you put your bags on the floor? Again, i'm just not comfortable putting a thousand-dollar bag where people usually put their feet!! am i too protective of my bags? :crybaby:
  2. You can always get one of those trays to put your stuff in, and if that still looks dirty, put your purse on top of your jacket. I would just not take white bags, or pack them to use once you get to where you're going.

    On the airplane, there really aren't much options (unless you're in first class...). Maybe you could stow the dust cover for a bag inside of it, the pull it out and cover the bag once you're on the plane, then put it in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you. You can toss those in the wash later!
  3. I usually put my purse on top of my feet under the seat! I'm with you...hate the thought of it touching the disgusting floor. I also no longer take my prized purses on the plane for precisely that reason...too many germy encounters! If I do take a nice bag, it's safely tucked into my carryon and I use one on the plane that I don't care as much about.
  4. Me too.interesting thoughts
  5. i never take any of my bags on holidays. although if it,s a must, it will be inside my carry on
  6. Sounds like a longchamps pliage tote would suit your needs. you coud carry your purse inside it. and of course, the fold up and wipe clean :smile:

  7. Could you details what storage options there are in First Class that there aren't in Coach? I travel almost 100,000 miles a year, and I've never noticed one.
  8. we went to visit the inlaws for thanksgiving wkend last wk. i had a leatehr carry all, and i put my purse in it for the xrays. u arent usually allowed ot put ur purse in a bin in most airports. on the plane, i kept it next to me, or on a clean part of the floor.
  9. Inside a bin for the x-ray, under the seat or on top of my feet for the plane. I usually take bags I don't mind getting dirty or can be cleaned easily for trips.
    (Like the one I'm on right now! Just killin' time on tPF before my sessions start...)
  10. I've lined my dust bags with clear plastic. I had seamstress sew a lining in a few of my dust to ensure that no oil, water, dirt or etc. can come into contact with my bags while not in use during travel especially when i have nowhere to store it if the seat overhead storage area is full and the floor is my only option. You can also find safe bags at most luggage stores or I would think you could just grab a big zip-loc.
  11. It does sound like a purse bag :p is your answer. Instead of a Longchamps Pliage tote, you could buy a LeSportSac foldable tote. I think that some models fold down smaller than a Pliage, but the handles are cloth, so they're not as comfortable IMO as the Pliage leather handles.

    Personally, I put my purse in my carry-on since I don't really need it at the airport & on the plane. I leave my ID & some cash in a side pocket of my carry-on for easy access.
  12. Mine goes in the bin through the metal detectors and stays on my lap on the plane. If I'm carrying other designer bags too, they are safely in my dustbags in my carryon. The dustbag idea tucked inside your purse is good too...I'd never thought of that.
  13. I stick my purse inside my Large Longchamp Le Pliage before going through x-ray.
  14. I always have a backpack or something like that when I'm flying, and then I keep my purse in it.
  15. I'm also obsessed with keeping my bags clean by the way. Especially as I don't wear leather bags.