what do the tag numbers mean?

  1. Could someone please help me to interpret the tag numbers in my bags. I just curious to know what they mean. Thanks!

    Paddy satchel with shoulder straps: 04-06-53
    Paddy tall satchel: 02-06-51-5277
    Quilted Bay: 02-07-56
    Bay Hobo: 010756
  2. :okay:Learning from this forum, that's the batch number. The first set is season, and the second is year.
  3. You can kind of of interpret the numbers like this (I think)

    04-06-53 4th season of 2006
    02-06-51-5277 2nd season of 2006
    02-07-56 2nd season of 2007
    010756 1st season of 2007