What Do I Own? Pics!

  1. So here is a group photo with the 2 newbies upfront but the rest are from the 80's and 90's ...can anyone identify what collections I have?
  2. Here is another view:
  3. Great bags- love the variety. T4P!
  4. love them all.
  5. Nice bags!!!
  6. I love all your bags!!
  7. Making your photos larger would be really helpful in determining what you have. When I double click on the photo so it appears in a separate screen it is very small. Looks like a lovely collection though - so colorful!!
  8. I'll try to make it bigger but it may take awhile!
  9. You have a very beautiful Chanel collection. Thanks for sharing. =)
  10. Sweet!!! You are pretty much covered for any occasion, very pretty bags!!!
  11. lovely collection, i wish the pics were bigger though LOL

  12. Pics are small, but it looks like a great collection to me!
    I certainly can identify your gorgeous white flap :heart:
  13. Drooling over that Cotton Club Tote.
    Lovely collection :smile:
  14. Cute! The white bags are so pretty.:heart:
  15. Great collection! Thanks for sharing!:yes: