What do I get now?

  1. Hi Everyone --
    I'm planning (hehe) my next credit card eruption. I love Chloe so much and I want to add to my collection. I'd like some advise. Here's what I have so far:

    Chocolate silverado doctor satchel
    bordeaux (leather and suede) medium silverado
    Black Ollie
    Orange large pocket paddy
    Gris/Vert paddington satchel

    I was thinking of a reddish Edith and a white Betty. Any other style/color suggestions? I'm trying not to repeat styles and colors.

  2. I say get a betty or edith since you already have silverados, paddies, and ollie. The white would be good since you already have quite a bit of dark colors...
  3. I'll say betty... because I love betty in the ivory colour and as Pewter said you have quite a bit of dark colours, so I think is time for you to buy a light colour Chloe bag.
  4. Another vote for Betty. She'll really round out your collection.
  5. Dear La Moda Mia:
    I Suggest Betty, Edith Or Even Tracy.
    From The 07 Collection, These 3 Are Going To Be Hot Hot Hot. And, They Have More Tailor Look To Them.
    Any Good Finds, Pls. Advs...
    Thank You And Pls Let Us Know What You Will Finally Add-on?