What do I do??!?


Aug 4, 2006
So I wanted to post this here to try and get an unbiased opinion versus posting in one particular sub-forum, plus more people might see this. The thing is, I am in quite a pickle and torn between two bags.

I have a list of bags I've always wanted (who doesn't?) and on that list are the Celine nano and the Balenciaga velo. I recently purchased a Celine nano in cobalt and while I love it, I still find myself torn between keeping it, or returning it for the Balenciaga velo in vert jade. I've weighed the pros and cons (price, usage, is it a worthy investment?) and I still can't make up my mind! I don't carry a lot on me, so it's not a question of size. I think a lot of my uncertainty and inability to make up my mind comes from the worry that the nano won't hold its value. I do intend to use this bag every day, as I've been wanting a lightweight crossbody. I do take care of my bags and baby them, but the nano did already have some scratches on it when I purchased it (the SA told me that it probably came from people handling it and I could try to buff them out, I haven't tried yet). I have a Balenciaga city and a Celine mini luggage, so it's not a question of expanding my collection. I have been agonizing over this, which seems rather silly in retrospect, but I would love some input and help so I can finally make up my mind!
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Jul 24, 2013
Unless you do generally buy/sell, or are worried that you won't want to carry the Celine fairly soon due to tiring of it/changes in trend, then I would take its resale value out of the equation. If you've judged them to be equal in the amount of use that you'd get out of them, both in functionality and how the colors work with your wardrobe, then I'd say either is a good choice! Do you prefer your City to your mini luggage or vice versa? Or do you have concerns about one of them? That's mostly how I would decide :smile:


Mar 21, 2014
Pick the color that you migrate to most and its the easiest to pair with your wardrobe. If resale is in the picture later on the nano is a bit trendier bag so the want for it might deminish. If you use your other bags alot check which has the least wear for the most usage or see which has worn the best?