What do i do? Scam buyer.......

  1. Hey all, im not sure what I should do..... I put a bag up with BIN and someone did bin but when i went to send an invoice they are a new buyer with zero feedback and their name and address is made up eg
    fgjhjst jsgdhsj
    dgdgurehf sdhdhfdg

    get the picture? So i think it is some idiot scammer! I cant file a non paid item dispute for 7 days but need to sell this bag so do you think it is ok to relist it and then report the other auction unpaid in 7 days time?
    Any help would be appreciated.... Thank you
  2. I could be wrong, but you might lose the relisting fee. I've had the same problem with non paying bidders it's so infuriating :censor: Now when i list something i tick the box so if they BIN they have to pay immediately or the listing won't end.
  3. Thats terrible. How do people get away with such a bogus address? Geesh. It does take way too long to file a claim. If it were me- and I needed to sell asap- I would go ahead and re-post the bag and put must pay now on the BIN like suggested.
  4. Yeah I was thinking that but do you think i will get my fvf refunded?
  5. I think you'll lose your relisting fees because you have to relist from the original listing, but i think you'll still get your fvf back because you get this back from the non paying bidders claim.
  6. You should get the final value fee back as soon as the NPB claim goes through. All that depends on is that you successfully file the NPB claim. The relisting fee is a separate matter.
  7. You will definitely get your FVF refunded after filing NPB claim in 7 days. I would get on Live Chat as well and explain the situation to demand listing fees back. eBay shouldn't allow anyone to register with bogus details like that. Good luck! :smile: