What do I do after entering the Wrong Shipping Address?

  1. So, yeah. I feel like an idiot. After getting all hot and bothered over the fact that it's been a week since I ordered my new slingbacks, I go online to check its status and it turns out I'm my own enemy :Push: I entered the wrong city for my shipping address! Now my slingbacks are probably lost in some postal limbo slash purgatory slash Heck out in the middle of goodness-knows-where.

    I dont know what to do. I already emailed them, I couldnt find a number to call (Zappos.com) and I'm freaking out just a little because the semesters almost over and if they dont get here by the time I move out, I'm screwed and I just wasted my money.

  2. Hmmm... It if too late to call or email, wait it out. They'lll be sent back and you'll get emailed or it will just be canceled.
  3. Do you have a tracking #-call the delivery company and tell them! Good luck!!!!
  4. Thanks purselova. If they cancel them they'll still contact me right? And drop the charges off my card?

    Checking right now.
  5. Zappos has an 800 # on their site - they offer 24 hour customer service.
  6. Thanks Loganz and Jill! After submitting the email, an automated response included a 1-800 number in the signature so I called. He said as long as I put the right zip code (which I did) they should be here soon enough. It's taking so long because for regular mail it's 7-10 business days. I wasnt sure because I always think 4-5 business days is the longest it could take.
  7. Oh rats! Wait and see if they reply and it get sent back to them. Then put a forwarding address in to the post office for your dorm addy if they aren't there before the end of the semester. It may cost a couple of bucks, but much cheaper than the whole loss! :amuse:
    If you had the right postal code on your original order, you may still get it in time too. Good luck and let us know!
  8. Oops , took too long to post, was watching the lst 10 minutes of The Mexican on tv! lol
    Guess we all had the same thought tho. Still let us know tho!
  9. lol Thanks Accessory!
  10. I did something very similar a few weeks ago. I entered the City, State and Zip, but failed to enter a street address :shame:. I called Staples after the order didn't show up, and I received it the next day....
  11. :cry: [sniff] They're not coming.

    Guess my hunt for the perfect slingbacks continues. I would just reorder these, but after further reading the feedback on them, I'm a little hesitant. Plus, I want to wait until they credit my account before making another purchase. Wish me luck!

    Thanks for all your help ladies!