What Did You Wear To Europe?

  1. I'm leaving for Europe in two days (yay!) for a mini grand tour of England, France and Italy. I can't wait, although I don't know if I have anything to wear. I'm just glad I'm not large, and I dislike t-shirts almost as much as I hate baseball caps. Unfortunately, I couldn't find French Vogue anywhere around here, so I hope I don't make some terrible faux pas.

    So, what did all the fashionable ladies around TPF wear on trips to Europe? And also, did you guys find designer jeans to be appropriate? I feel too old when I wear slacks (I'm only 21!), and I don't want to spend all of July away from my dark wash 7's and my collection of skinny jeans.
  2. I live in Europe and I guess people here don't dress much different from people in the US. As long as it doesn't look to "touristey" (baseball caps, shorts with white sneakers etc.) everything you'll wear will be fine. I love to wear dark wash jeans.
    Pack some sweaters as well, because right now it's not that warm and in the last couple of days it has rained a lot.
  3. I've spent almost every summer of my youth in various parts of europe (mostly southern and eastern EU though) since the majority of m family lives there (though I have never been in England- save for the airport.) and I have found that you can wear pretty much whatever you wear in the states and look normal- people don't dress all that differently- just less sloppy imo.

    I wear jeans all the time there- at the moment I wouldn't wear a lot of flared jeans, since they aren't all that in and people are a bit more fashion concious there- but skinny/bootcut/straight would be great I think.

    I do find that I wear more skirts/dresses there than at home- but really as long as you don't look like a complete slob your fine.

    relax and enjoy your trip!!
  4. yep- jeans are :tup:. i live in europe and i dont think there is a problem.

    i'd take a light coat as well although they do say it is about to get better. where in italy and france are you going?

    OT: i just put in a pre-order for harry potter 7... :smile:
  5. I'll be in Paris and northern Italy. We'll be staying with a family friend a couple hours outside Florence, so we'd like to go there, Venice and Milan.

    I can't wait for Harry Potter, I'll definitely be reading it on the plane ride back :wlae:
  6. just got back from paris and italy, and i must say, european women in those cities are very chic! definitely saw lots of skinny jeans with flats in paris, loose or flowy tops/tunics. it was weird weather in paris, first cold, then sunny, then rainy, then back to sunny...all in one day.

    in milan, it was just sunny and hot! so bring your shades! if you plan on shopping a lot, wear flats or comfy shoes. oh yeah, they also wore cool and distinctive jewelry.
  7. Skinny jeans should be fine, with good shoes or boots (low heeled to walk in), and bring a short trench coat and sweater(s) in case it gets chilly. Light makeup, too, since a lot of European women don't wear much.

    Also, check out the street style blogs! These are more fun than magazines, I find, since they change daily and you can check out what people are wearing all over the world (including the cities you are traveling to!). Here is the link below--good luck and have a wonderful trip!

  8. I always wear comfortable but fashionable clothes. Designer jeans, shorts, a great purse, and i always pack too many pairs of shoes. But yo can wear most anything. Just dont look too touristy. But dont forget a cost since it rains a lot in London.

  9. Good advice!

    I wouldn't use the street style blogs as looks to emulate because they tend to photograph the ones that stand out. At most, use them to reference general trends.

    Basically, anything goes in Europe. If you don't want to look silly, I would dress more conservatively (not all out trendy). Skinny jeans are actually quite popular. Dress for the weather. As for shoes, since you are walking around a lot, flats are more comfortable, but European women do love their heels.

    Be sure to go shopping! Best way to look like an European is buying the same clothes they do! ;)