What did I just see?

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  1. I saw a woman today with the most beautiful BV bag I've seen in a while.
    Sorry- no pictures!
    I don't know what it was called or where she purchased other than she mentioned just buying it in Florida so I know it was a new one.
    - kind of a E/W tote style
    - the handles were woven into the bag so it was all one piece which made the handles non-adjustable
    - approximately 16"-18" wide x 10"high x 4"-5" deep

    Any thoughts on what this bag might be? Need to add to my wishlist!

  2. Was it Intreciatto or a smooth leather?
  3. Is it anywhere on the BV site? If not, which bag on the website does it look the most like?
  4. Hahaha. What a mystery puzzle. Gosh I'm no help here. But why don't you call into your local BV store and ask around? Good luck!
  5. Did it look something like this?


    Now this a replica/fake BV, but it's the only thing I could find that remotely resembles what you're describing. And you're sure it was a tote?

    The Campana has a tote-ish quality. Could it have been that?
  6. In Florida they have a lot of flea markets and replica BV is very common down there. I am not saying it was a fake but it is something to consider if you cannot find a pic of it anywhere
  7. I'm wondering if there's any chance it could be a special design that was only available on April 1st?
  8. They also have an outlet in Orlando, so it's possible it's an outlet-exclusive item.

  9. I agree. I did look through recent outlet photos but I didn't see anything remotely matching OP's description. I'm on my way to Palm Springs. If I have time today, I will stop by Cabazon. If not today, I'll stop on Weds. on my way to LA.
  10. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459631044.570923.jpg
    I know this isn't exactly it because the straps are adjustable but it's an easy/west style tote I purchased at the Orlando outlet.

    Thought it might help narrow it down for you?! Good luck!
  11. So I guess my idea that it could be an Aprils fools joke was wrong. Oops.
  12. It was intreciatto-all over including handles.
  13. No I couldn't find it on any website including BV. I remember it looking most similar to a larger Bella or a smaller Rete but the handles blended up into the bag as if it was
    all one large piece of intreciatto leather. If that makes sense.
  14. Possible... although I am not an expert I felt this was the real deal...could be wrong.
    anyways it was a great looking bag!
  15. Wow! Wish I lived near an outlet! Thanks for checking.